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Re: LPRng in stable non-free or wrong man page?

Gerhard Poul <gp@media.atnet.at> writes:

> this is the last part of the lpc man page which is contained in
> debian-stable.=20

Why wasn't this on debian-legal?  I'm moving it there.

> [...snip...]
>        LPRng is distributed under the GNU  software  license  for
>        non-commercial  use, the Artistic License for limited com=AD
>        mercial use.  Commerical support and licensing  is  avail=AD
>        able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.
> This software should be in non-free. Maybe the license changed, but in
> stable it is contained in main.=20

What makes you think that it is non-free?  It is licensed under
both the GNU General Public License and the Artistic License,
both of which are free licenses.

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