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Re: UW gave permission for PINE

On Tuesday 2 March 1999, at 11 h 14, the keyboard of Santiago Vila 
<sanvila@unex.es> wrote:

> Debian is dedicated to free software and it is not in the business of
> asking permission to distribute non-free apps.

Excuse me? Since many non-free packages require a special clearance to have a 
Debian distribution at all:

> Please, do not ask them for this permission *in the name of Debian*.

This means we can cut non-free in two. Mirror managers will love it :-) 

I personnaly often asked for distribution clearances (almost all biology 
packages are non-free,
#ifndef RMS
if we want Debian to succeed in that field, non-free is an essential part of 
> If you want to do something for Debian with respect to pine, please ask
> them to change the license instead.

Don't you think we do? But the author decides. If they don't want to change the licence and if the licence requires a special permission for any distribution, yes, I ask for it, and I say I am a Debian developer and I say this is for Debian.

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