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License for DOCs in main?

I was looking for the Network Administration Guide in Debian and
couldn't find it.  I thought this would have been packaged
already.  So I thought I'd better do it.  If this were software,
it wouldn't be DFSG-compliant because of its section 2 below.
But it's documentation... Can it go in main?  There's little
point in packaging it if it doesn't get in CDs.  I Think the
other LDP books have a similar license).

Here's the license:

   The Linux Network Administrators' Guide is
   Copyright (C) 1994  Olaf Kirch
   Kattreinstr. 38, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany
   The  Linux  Network  Administrators' Guide may be reproduced
   and distributed in whole or in part, subject to the  follow-
   ing conditions:
    01.  The  copyright notice above and this permission notice
         must be preserved complete on all complete or  partial
    02.  Any  translation  or derivative work of The Linux Net-
         work Administrators' Guide must be approved by the au-
         thor in writing before distribution.
    03.  If  you  distribute  The Linux Network Administrators'
         Guide in part, instructions for obtaining the complete
         version  of  The  Linux  Network Administrators' Guide
         must be included, and a means for obtaining a complete
         version provided.
    04.  Small  portions may be reproduced as illustrations for
         reviews or quotes in other works without this  permis-
         sion notice if proper citation is given.
    05.  If you print and distribute The Linux Network Adminis-
         trators' Guide, you may not refer to it as the ``Offi-
         cial Printed Version''.
    06.  The GNU General Public License referenced below may be
         reproduced under the conditions given within it.
    07.  Several sections of this document are held under sepa-
         rate  copyright.  When these sections are covered by a
         different copyright, the seperate copyright is  noted.
         If  you  distribute  The Linux Network Administrators'
         Guide in part, and that part is, in whole, covered un-
         der  a  seperate,  noted  copyright, the conditions of
         that copyright apply.
        Exceptions to these rules may be granted  for  academic
   purposes: Write to Olaf Kirch at the above address, or email
   okir@monad.swb.de, and ask.  These restrictions are here  to
   protect  us as authors, not to restrict you as educators and
   All source code in The Linux Network  Administrators'  Guide
   is  placed  under  the  GNU General Public License.  See ap-
   pendix A for a copy of the GNU ``GPL.''

        The author is not liable for any damages, direct or in-
   direct,  resulting  from  the use of information provided in
   this document.

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