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Re: License for DOCs in main?

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> I was looking for the Network Administration Guide in Debian and
> couldn't find it.  I thought this would have been packaged
> already.  So I thought I'd better do it.  If this were software,
> it wouldn't be DFSG-compliant because of its section 2 below.
> But it's documentation... Can it go in main?  There's little
> point in packaging it if it doesn't get in CDs.  I Think the
> other LDP books have a similar license).


We *really need* some rules on this.

IMHO, the restrictions below do not prevent us distributing on CD, and
I believe that we already have docs in main with licenses as harsh as

On the other hand, I do think the license below is unacceptably harsh, and
Debian should have guidelines meaning that it is not allowed.  I outline
what bothers me below.  (But, it is stil MO that we can distribute this in
main under our current de facto rules.)

>     02.  Any  translation  or derivative work of The Linux Net-
>          work Administrators' Guide must be approved by the au-
>          thor in writing before distribution.

This is awful.  

>     04.  Small  portions may be reproduced as illustrations for
>          reviews or quotes in other works without this  permis-
>          sion notice if proper citation is given.

This is fair use, actually.  I suppose there's no harm in making it

*double sigh*

Shall I restart the document freenes discussion on -policy?


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