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Re: [mool@oce.nl: Re: Debian license (was: GTK)]

Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> What does the `in any way' mean in the above?

I'm assuming email, fax, phone, snail-mail, smoke signals, telepathy, ie
the usual.

> FWIW, this seems to satisfy the DFSGv1 quite happily (it's not
> particularly mentioned)

That is the most important one for now anyway.

> doesn't quite meet exemption 3.a.ii.3 in Ian's DFSGv2 (which requires
> a 3 year or less time limit)

Bah, that one seems to have been expired from my archives by now. Could
someone please send me a copy of it?

> and slips by my DFSGv2 (under the `Availability of Source Code'
> restriction), on the presumption that such a requirement is
> "reasonable".

`reasonable' is very vague, and I feel a very liberate interpretation is
wanted when it concerns vim :)


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