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Re: [mool@oce.nl: Re: Debian license (was: GTK)]

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 12:22:07PM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Een mogelijke oplossing is om het in twee stukken te splitsen:
> - "You are encouraged to send the maintainer a copy", zodat mensen
>   gestimuleerd worden om wijzigingen naar mij te sturen.
> - "When the maintainer asks for it (in any way), you must send him a copy",
>   zodat mensen die proberen met een iets uitgebreide versie van Vim te
>   pronken, gedwongen zijn om mij de source code te geven, als ik er achter
>   kom.  Als ik er niet achter kom zal het wel niet belangrijk zijn.
> ] A possible solution would be to do this in two parts:
> ] - "You are encouraged to send the maintainer a copy", to stimulate people
> ]   to send changes to me.
> ] - "When the maintainer asks for it (in any way), you must send him a copy",
> ]   which forces people who are trying to show off a enhanced version of
> ]   vim to give me the source, when I find out. If I don't find out it
> ]   will probably not be important

What does the `in any way' mean in the above?

This seems pretty similar to the GPL's, "if you distribute binaries,
you must offer to give them the source for no more than the cost of
you actually making the copies and posting them". The GPL limits that
to three years, though, only offers it to people who get the binaries,
and doesn't make it apply to code that's only used in-house.

Personally, I don't think those are major differences, however.

FWIW, this seems to satisfy the DFSGv1 quite happily (it's not
particularly mentioned), doesn't quite meet exemption 3.a.ii.3 in Ian's
DFSGv2 (which requires a 3 year or less time limit), and slips by my
DFSGv2 (under the `Availability of Source Code' restriction), on the
presumption that such a requirement is "reasonable".


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