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Re: The Sun Community Source License is Very Bad News

Richard Stallman writes:
> I see two possibilities here that call for different actions:

> 1. Some Sun lawyer was overzealous.
> 2. Sun is making a serious attempt to revive interface copyright.

How did you arrive at this conclusion?  I read it as putting the
specification *document* under the same license as the software.  The
license refers to 'Specifications' (note capitalization) not
'specifications'.  This is analogous to putting the documentation for a GPL
program under the GPL.  It does not prevent you from reading the
'Specifications' and then expressing the ideas in your own words.

Note that I have replaced debian-private in the header with debian-legal.
This does not belong on private, IMHO, and as it is cross-posted to
debian-java there is no privacy issue.
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