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Re: cfortran and free software

Christopher Lee writes:
> I assume that this precludes cfortran.h from being included in any
> Debian distribution.

It could go in non-free.

> I don't know whether it precludes binaries generated with code including
> this header from being distributed by Debian

They'd have to go in non-free as well.

> Here is one thought I have.  First, I assume that my own code can be
> licensed with the LGPL, but with an extra clause stating that it may be
> used with cfortran.h.  Then, I could make a set of headers for Fortran
> functions specifically for use with G77, not using cfortran.h.  A
> distribution of code based on this could be usable by Debian, but might
> not work on systems which do not use G77.  I could then put cfortran.h on
> my web page so that people could download it and set up my distribution
> to use it if it is seen during the ./configure process.

That should work.
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