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Re: Bluetooth mouse disconnect while laptop runs with cell

I think the best option in this situation would be to just use a RF mouse. The USB dongle might be annoying, but at least it'll work perfectly. Besides, RF dongles are a lot smaller than they used to be. You can usually pick one up for around $20. Not to mention, the battery will last a lot longer - without having to do any power-saving stuff.

Josh Blagden

On 9/26/17 8:22 AM, wglxy@china.com wrote:

Hi, everyone!

I use my laptop (Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th) with a bluetooth mouse. The mouse work fine while the laptop runs with AC power supply. But The bluetooth mouse is a trouble while the laptop runs with the embed cell. The mouse will disconnect if it is not be used after several seconds. So I want use the mouse, it must reconnect to the laptop and spend several seconds. it is very inconvenient!

I think the reason is the function of bluetooth power save while the cell is used. So I want to turn off the function of bluetooth power save, but I can not find where to define it. Would you please tell me how to turn off the function of bluetooth power save?

My Debian version is the buster, and it is upgraded everyday.

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