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Re: Bluetooth mouse disconnect while laptop runs with cell

On 9/26/17, Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:
> On 26.09.17 20:22, wglxy@china.com wrote:
>>I use my laptop (Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th) with a bluetooth mouse. The mouse
>> work fine while the laptop runs with AC power supply.  But The bluetooth
>> mouse is a trouble while the laptop runs with the embed cell.  The mouse
>> will disconnect if it is not be used after several seconds.  So I want
>> use
>> the mouse, it must reconnect to the laptop and spend several seconds.  it
>> is very inconvenient!
>>I think the reason is the function of bluetooth power save while the cell
>> is used.  So I want to turn off the function of bluetooth power save, but
>> I can not find where to define it.  Would you please tell me how to turn
>> off the function of bluetooth power save?
> we've used 2 BT mice so far. Both had this behaviour. I'm afraid that the
> disconnection is behaviour of the mouse, not of the laptop.
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I'm just thinking out loud here, have nothing to back it up. Is there
any chance it's about our laptops attempting to preserve as much
battery power as possible by shutting things down in some kind of
sequence? Like maybe as soon as the laptop thinks the mouse might no
longer be needed, maybe that would be a reason the laptop would set
the mouse to the side by cutting it off somehow?

Only reason that comes to mind is that somewhere along the line, I
read something about laptops doing something like that. It's possible
I even got that impression from having stumbled upon a setting where
choices could be picked as to what received priority while on battery

I really did read something similar to that, but am not sure where...
unfortunately. :)

Just for fun, I tried a super quick "apt-cache search power laptop"
inquiry. Received a few things so randomly tried "apt-cache show

"Description-en: Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM)
 On laptop computers, the Advanced Power Management (APM) support
 provides access to battery status information and may help you to
 conserve battery power, depending on your laptop and the APM
 implementation.  The apmd program also lets you run arbitrary programs
 when APM events happen (for example, you can eject PCMCIA devices when
 you suspend, or change hard drive timeouts when you connect the battery)."

That gives an example that there is an active thought process at least
similar to that out there.. :)

Cindy :)
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