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Re: Bluetooth manager for connecting to Android

---- Michael schrieb ----

> Well, the situation is, these kids have easily 2 - 3 Gigabytes of media files (including many own video clips each usually between 50 - 100 Mbyte)  on their smartphones which i would like them - for various reasons - backup to their laptops; but they wont use a cable connection, which, anyway, did not work on linux for me so far. But i won't try to solve this problem because todays kids really refuse to use cables and plugs anyway.
> Actually they don't even have this kind of equipment, and never seen it, using second hand smartphones w/o any adds.
> And yes it sucks but it is eat or die :) i learned that for sure. They never use anything that requires some effort.
> Next task is upload several hundred music files, from their laptops.
> And they should be able to do all this on their own, and frequently.
> So we really need some transfer speed ...

Have look at the Android-App AirDroid. You access the phone over Wifi from a browser on the desktop.

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