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Re: how to make debian use my swapfile for hibernation


> too. There is no guarantee that the filesystem will not change the
> offset. An FSCK

Uh, i did not think of that...hmpf. Indeed, that's a problem.

Well, as a workaround, i could figure the actual offset by boot script and ... uhm ... put it where ... ? 

(Building a new initrd in case it differs ? Ugly again...) 

Argh, this stuff is so cumbersome. Why the heck won't grub just lookout for the file, it does have file sys drivers no ? Only putting the path and name into grub should be enough. And even the kernel could figure the offset himself when hibernating.
Well, somehow it does not seem an urgent todo for developers. Most people do only suspend their devices anyway. And buy new batteries more often...

> Just use LVM

Can i convert the existing partitions into LVM ? It was quite some work to configure this very specific laptop...

It's another question how all that works out with a flash drive.

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