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Re: how to make debian use my swapfile for hibernation


On 03/19/2015 12:42 AM, Michael wrote:
> There is https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Suspend_and_hibernate#Hibernation .... but, one reason i decided to go with a swap file, is to be able to easily change its size anytime later. But according to this manual, if i recreate it, i also have to adjust the offset stuff ? That's several fiddling steps (which i need to remember or at least to write down and remember where) -- folks, this is no more what i call 'easily'.

really.. just don't do it. Even if you calc the correct offset, it is
_VERY_ _DANGEROUS_ to write RAW Blocks on a block device if its mounted
too. There is no guarantee that the filesystem will not change the
offset. An FSCK, DEFRAG .. and all other sorts of command can and will
alter the filesystem usage.

Just use LVM, you can create, resize, delete, move the swap around the
disk. And its supported by Kernel and GRUB.

Florian Reitmeir
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