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Re: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev bb) and ilwifi on debian jessie


> I'm running 3.16, but I can't use wifi.

You did not tell the reason. IMHO in English, "can't" can mean it works, but you won't do it.

>  If I load Ubuntu Live using the "use only libre software" option at boot everything work well.

I do not understand this piece. If the nonfree iwlwifi firmware is needed then does Ubuntu still include it ? What about 'only libre' then ?

OTOH if the firmware is not needed, why should you install it.

By the way, did you at some point (temporarily) switch off wifi in the BIOS ? Then, a booting linux kernel can't see it at all and if that was an installation then maybe the proper drivers don't get installed. Just an idea.

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