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how to make debian use my swapfile for hibernation

Hey all,

On my old laptop, i used a swap partition for hibernate. It could be declared to the kernel (or rather, pm-utils?) by "resume=/dev/sdx" parameter. 

Now i'm going with a /swapfile, already created and mkswapped, but dunno how to tell the system about it.

There is https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Suspend_and_hibernate#Hibernation .... but, one reason i decided to go with a swap file, is to be able to easily change its size anytime later. But according to this manual, if i recreate it, i also have to adjust the offset stuff ? That's several fiddling steps (which i need to remember or at least to write down and remember where) -- folks, this is no more what i call 'easily'.

So, i wonder if there is some magic piece of software that i still did not discover, which simply detects the swapfile automaticly and dynamically (like, configuring only the filename or Label) ?

tia mi

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