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Re: Solid State Drive BIOS update and Memory Cell Clearing

Hello all,

I booted the laptop into a grml boot-cd, then checked things with hpdarm -I. It appeared this old SSD does not do TRIM.

Given that it's just an old disk with possibly low firmware performance, and a small and cheap one anyway, and without TRIM, i decided to just go with the memory clearing option, even if only to see if it works; and followed the instructions of the archlinux wiki [1] -- and anything went fine so far, just as described.

I should mention that indeed the drive was 'frozen' and indeed it went 'not frozen' after a suspend. I had to remember the 'echo -n mem > /sys/power/state' method (it's ages since i used such stuff) because the bootdisk did not come with any suspending tools. 

The clearing process itself needed only about 10 seconds, and differently to the wiki example, there was no gauge or feedback whatsoever. But checking with cfdisk, all the Windows partitions were gone and there wasn't any table too, just a clean disk.
I think it's safe to reuse this experience with the other Thinkpads. (It's a pity it can't be done just from the mainboard BIOS)

Let me finally say, many thanks for your advice, i really didn't know my options and how to evaluate them, and i learned a lot (: but be warned, i'm still curious ;)


[1]  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSD_Memory_Cell_Clearing

[2]  http://xkcd.com/309/

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