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Re: Solid State Drive BIOS update and Memory Cell Clearing

Florian Reitmeir <florian@reitmeir.org> writes:

> All ssd should support TRIM, and all do, except some very old models.

The original X301 64GB and 128GB Samsung SSDs are definitely in the
"very old models" category.  They were manufactured in 2008, well before
TRIM became a standard feature on SSDs.

Personally I would throw the old SSD away and install a modern mSATA SSD
using an 1.8" micro-SATA to mSATA adapter instead.  In any case, that's
what I've done on my X301, which originally had the 128GB version of the
Samsung SSD.

Note that there are reports of mSATA SSDs not being recognized properly,
without the exact mechanisms being known.  So google the success stories
before going down this route.

And just to be clear:  No, you cannot install mSATA SSDs in any of the
mini-PCIe slots on the X301.  And no, it does not support 2.5" SSDs.
There are 3rd party adapters for the DVD slot, but that slot only
supports PATA drives [1] so this is not recommended - for the primary drive

[1] I've been told the optical slot is PATA because all SATA DVD drives
  at the time were thicker.  The X301 DVD drive is exceptionally thin.


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