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Re: How to use Solid State Drives (SSD)

I'm going to setup just one partition for anything (except swap), since i could not find any arguments why to split /home or anything else, applying to me. I don't keep massive data on a travel laptop anyway, and If i'd need a reinstall i can backup /home easily to some external drive, with the slight advantage that i can memory reset the disk again.

I will setup a swap partition, because the hibernation swapfile thing seems to allocate fixed disk space too, so there's not much difference except that a separate partition seem to be somewhat easier to understand (and maintain). Well, a swapfile can be easily extended, if you add more memory, but then, I don't think i'll ever need so much for hibernation anyway. It's not my habit to leave everything opened when i close the lid, it's not too much asked to shut some windows, especially when it leads to faster wake up.

But even on a desktop, there can be cases when SSD partitioning might be useful. For example, you might consider to increase the FS blocksize on a separate video storage partition, and you'll probably have no need for any timestamps there. In fact, it could be a much reduced filesystem, optimized for space, with less table redundancy, no preserved-root space, and so on.

Does anybody know if the barrier / nobarrier mount option takes effect on SSD ?

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