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Re: Solid State Drive BIOS update and Memory Cell Clearing


Ah, but since fstrim works only on a mounted filesystem, there is already a difference to a reset by SSD BIOS. A filesystem allocates lots of blocks, for tables and journal and the redundancy backups. (I wonder if that's even anymore useful with a SSD, and if there are specific SSD mkfs options to drop all that?)

A little offtopic, but while we are at 'lifetime optimization': I also wonder about swap space. Is it still needed for hibernation or is there a 'pagefile.sys' option in the linux subsystem (pm-utils?). But as i've understood, any separation by partitions would lead to less freedom for the SSD to allocate free cells, because there shall be as much free space as possible, thus i should do only the essential split into / and /home.
Which would be necessary for the chance to re-install another OS some day. For example, one w/o sysetmd ! 
Anyway, if there is a way to tell installers to keep a /home folder, then even that would not be required.

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