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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop

3. Type the following and then press "Enter":-

sudo ifconfig > /home/$username/results

NOTE: you need to substitute the "username" shown in the "prompt" for

sudo ifconfig > /home/tina/Results

Hi Tina, 

In a place where you can't browse, you should use 

"/sbin/ifconfig >> /home/tina/Results"

"/sbin/iwconfig >> /home/tina/Results"

and check name server config with :

"cat /etc/resolv.conf >> /home/tina/Results"

"dig  >> /home/tina/Results"

Connect to the internet where it works 

5.  Go to your Yahoo email account, login, find this post, open it, and

6. You'll find a file called Results in your home directory. Paste it
into your reply to this post.

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