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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop

On 25/03/12 09:44, tina braxton wrote:
> *From:* Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>
> *To:* debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
> *Sent:* Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:08 PM
> *Subject:* Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop
> On 22/03/12 08:40, tina braxton wrote:
>> I received a donated laptop about two years ago. It is an older
>> model--an Acer Travel Mate 2480-2779. It has Debian software, including
>> Iceweasel browser 3.5.9.
>> Build identifier, in case you need it, is Mozilla /5.0 (XII; U; Linux
>> i686; en-US; rv: Gecko /20100501 Iceweasel/ 3.5.9 (like Firefox/
>> 3.5.9)
>> My problem is that Iceweasel simply does not work at all with most of
>> the wireless services I have encountered. I don't get any error message.
>> I just get something that says Iceweasel cannot locate the page. This is
>> consistent with every URL I try to bring up.
> Can you connect to the internet elsewhere (eg. from home or work)?
> ie. Does the problem with Iceweasel *only* happen on wireless networks?

> Since the phone connection port on this very old laptop does not work,

OK. The modem is a separate issue.

> and I have not found anyplace to use my ethernet cable (I was told the
> ethernet port works),

Also separate issue, but good to know.

> the only option is to use wireless.  



> This is a big problem. 


> The laptop is quite heavy, I'm older and not very vigorous, and my only
> transport is walking.  Also, for about half the year, the weather here
> is either too hot or too cold to take the laptop outdoors for extended
> periods.  So I need to be able to use it at home, with the wireless
> connection that is there.  



> I tried to replace the programming by running an Ubuntu disc.  A friend
> recommended this.  When I put in the disc, it asked for the root and
> would do nothing without it. 

If you're already familiar with this operating system - best to fix the
one thing that doesn't work instead of installing another, "hoping"
everything will work, and then having to learn again.

> I'm sure it would do the same if I had a
> disc with a newer version of Debian. 

You are correct. And it's unnecessary.


> In the places where, for whatever reason, Iceweasel works, I have had no
> problem browsing with it. 


Excellent, it would be more difficult is it didn't connect anywhere, and
you've given some clues as to why it's not connecting.


Q. Do you know what desktop environment is running on your laptop?
GNOME, KDE, XFCE are several possibilities.

Q. Do you know what program is being used to make the wireless connection?
Wikcd and Network Manager are some possibilities.

If you the answer to those questions it doesn't matter, there are other
ways to find out.

When you are somewhere that your laptop can connect to the internet try
the following:-

1. Connect to the internet (test by loading a webpage in Iceweasel)

2. Switch to "console mode" by holding down both the "Ctrl" and "Alt"
keys and pressing the "F2" key.

You should then be looking at a black screen with white letters. The
"prompt" should show your "username" and "machinename".
The format is (usually) username@machinename:workingdirectory$

3. Type the following and then press "Enter":-

sudo ifconfig > /home/$username/results

NOTE: you need to substitute the "username" shown in the "prompt" for

sudo ifconfig > /home/tina/Results

4.  Switch back to your normal desktop by holding down both the "Ctrl"
and "Alt" keys and pressing the "F7" key.

5.  Go to your Yahoo email account, login, find this post, open it, and

6. You'll find a file called Results in your home directory. Paste it
into your reply to this post.

If you have problems or question please ask.

NOTE: If you look at the bottom of the page:-
you'll see I given instruction on how to send plain text posts from Yahoo.

Kind regards

Iceweasel/Firefox/Chrome/Chromium/Iceape/IE extensions for finding
answers to Debian questions:-

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