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Re: can't get Iceweasel to work on my laptop

On 22/03/12 08:40, tina braxton wrote:
> I received a donated laptop about two years ago. It is an older
> model--an Acer Travel Mate 2480-2779. It has Debian software, including
> Iceweasel browser 3.5.9. 
> Build identifier, in case you need it, is Mozilla /5.0 (XII; U; Linux
> i686; en-US; rv: Gecko /20100501 Iceweasel/ 3.5.9 (like Firefox/
> 3.5.9)
> My problem is that Iceweasel simply does not work at all with most of
> the wireless services I have encountered. I don't get any error message.
> I just get something that says Iceweasel cannot locate the page. This is
> consistent with every URL I try to bring up.

Can you connect to the internet elsewhere (eg. from home or work)?

ie. Does the problem with Iceweasel *only* happen on wireless networks?

> I have to use it mostly public wireless services, at libraries, coffee
> shops, etc. I have tried a few connections at my friends' homes as well.
> Usually, I get a "bars" icon and a message that says I am connected to
> the wireless network. But Iceweasel doesn't do anything at all.
> The person who prepared the laptop for me told me this might happen
> sometimes, and I would have to configure something. But he did not tell
> me how, nor can I find any instructions or anything on the desktop for
> this purpose. Also, I do not have the root or admin passwords and have
> not been able to get them.

Probably not necessary. But trivial problems to solve if necessary.

> I would appreciate any instructions or advice on how to fix this
> problem. Please use simple language--I am still learning.
> Thanks very much.

Let me know if you can browse at all using Iceweasel, and we can then
determine which direction to go for you to browse the internet using

Kind regards

Iceweasel/Firefox/Chrome/Chromium/Iceape/IE extensions for finding
answers to Debian questions:-

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