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Re: laptop hp dm1 3080 problems: clickpad, IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, Realtek smart card reader, Ralink/motorola/broadcom 2011 wifi

Hi there,

On 20-01-2012 15:21, Fernando Gadea wrote:
Here it is the terminal output in txt
Please don't look at the puredata server problem. it seems that there
is no extended version for 64 bit.

When I give it the order to install the ralink firmware it tells me
that it won't be installed, updated or deleted any package.
Well, please, see it for yourself in the file.
Thank you again
$ dpkg --get-selections | grep firmware

to see if it's already installed.

Perhaps you should also add squeeze-backports to see if it helps: http://backports-master.debian.org/Instructions/
After see the link to the debian-wiki i notice that in wheezy, the driver already support that wifi adapter.

2012/1/20, Zuper Koleoptera<zuperkoleoptera@gmail.com>:
Well not sure, most probably the ralink firmware is the one you are
missing, try follow the steps for squeeze and report where you get

On 1/20/12, Fernando Gadea<fgadea@gmail.com>  wrote:
Sorry, I missed the lsusb file.

2012/1/20, Fernando Gadea<fgadea@gmail.com>:
Yes I can Zuper: here it goes the lsusb in a txt file, and I go to
your link now!

ps: thank you, and the list, for all for this help!


2012/1/20, Zuper Koleoptera<zuperkoleoptera@gmail.com>:
Dear Fernando,

As it seems formt he output, last line, you have an wifi adapter based
on Ralink chipset. Still though the output is a bit strange cause it
doesn not list a clear model.
You can please do the same with lsusb?
Open terminal and put:
copy/paste result in a text file and attach it.

In the meantime it would be also helpfull is you go here


and start reading the squeeze part of the tutorial. Try to follow step
by step and report where you get stuck.

Thank you

On 1/20/12, Fernando Gadea<fgadea@gmail.com>  wrote:
No problem, here it is in txt file


2012/1/20, Zuper Koleoptera<zuperkoleoptera@gmail.com>:
Well sorry that was my mistake, I am at work and currently cannot open
.odt files..You can save it as .doc for MSOffice and I will be able to
open it...

Thank you

On 1/20/12, Fernando Gadea<fgadea@gmail.com>  wrote:
Thank you for your answer!
here it goes the lspci atachment.

Thank you again

2012/1/20, Zuper Koleoptera<zuperkoleoptera@gmail.com>:
Dear Fernando,

If you need to enable your wireless interface we need to know a bit
more on your addpter,lets try the lspci command.
Open a terminal and type:

paste output in a file and attach it in you next message.

Thank you

On 1/20/12, Fernando Gadea<fgadea@gmail.com>  wrote:
I'm almost desperate...
my machine is with debian 6.0.3 with gnome 2.30.3
kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64

Here is the specification chart of hardware and drivers in w7:



I've already looked for free drivers in Synaptic and installed all
that seamed related with no luck.
This is my first time with Debian (I come from Puredyne, but I am
a power user).
The first install in this new machine was Ubuntu Studio, and wifi
working. Nevertheless I wanted to try Debian since time ago.

I searched the list for info about this machine and it seems that I
the only with this hardware..
Please, help!
Thank you all for any tip,

Fernando Gadea

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