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Re: what laptop to buy

> have been using a T60p for over 4 years by now and still very happy with it.
> Essentially all hardware components are supported by Linux (except for
> the modem).

Also very happy with my T60 (no p).

> Mine is still IBM branded and i don't know how the quality changed since 
> the Lenovo takeover, but i guess the production is at the same
> location and the look is pretty much unchanged.

Be careful: "brand" != "manufacturer".

The T60 was entirely designed and produced by Lenovo, AFAIK.  When they
bought the Thinkpad line, they got an agreement that allowed them to use
the IBM brand for a few years.  Over the last few years, they've been
transitioning away from the IBM brand to the Lenovo and Thinkpad brands
(the same machines can sometimes be delivered with a Lenovo sticker or
a Thinkpad sticker or ...).


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