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what laptop to buy

Hi all,

I'm having great difficulty in finding a laptop suitable for my
needs. I'm vision impaired and a student, so primarily will use the machine for
school, and at home. 

Here is what I'm looking for: good debian linux support, including wifi,
ethernet, sound, and the general hardware of the machine.
I'm looking for something fairly recent, so I've got half a chance at
locating one in Australia, but any suggested models would be greatly
appreciated. I'm looking for  something with a core 2 duro around 1.6
ghz or more, and I want something with really good battery life, perhaps
5 hours or more. I have about $1,000 to spend give or take. Finally, I'm
going to be carrying it around school every day, so portability is
important to me.

So basically it must have:
- Good debian support including wiffi 
- core 2 duro 1.6 ghz or more
- Good battery life 5 hours or more.

I've been looking mainly at lenovo, hp, del, acer and maybe tosheba.

Any suggested models would be greatly appreciated.


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