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Re: what laptop to buy

Yes, thanks for sharing. 

I'm going to increase my budget by $800, and get a Lenovo thinkpad
X200. Anyone got one of these, what do you think of it?

I found it on amazon for $1100, which I could probably get shipped out
here to Australia by a third party, for under au$1300, in total
costs. However, Amazon says I will void my manufacturer's warranty if I
export it out of the US... Can anyone offer any advice or will I just
have to pay Au$2,000 to buy one locally?


On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 04:52:13PM -0800, Mike Castle wrote:
> I strongly recommend Lenovo.  In our house, we currently have two T61
> and one T60.  Matter of fact, I'm writing this from a Debian based T61
> right now.
> A story to share about Lenovo.
> A friend of mine was working in the group that was vetting new laptops
> for his company (big chip manufacturer).  Part of the vetting was
> getting demos from the various vendors.
> One question they always asked the vendors was if they could drop the
> laptop while is was running.  They all said no.  Except for the Lenovo
> salesman.
> He said, "Sure.  Would you like for me to stand on it, too?"
> I've not stood on mine, but I have stepped on it.  My toddler has stood on them.
> Now, granted, for really good graphics support, we have to use the
> closed source NV driver, but I think there may be other options.
> Debian testing has some issues with suspend.  The hot keys don't work
> for that at the moment, but running s2disk from a root command line
> works fine.   I believe that Debian stable works though.
> Good luck!
> mrc

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