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Re: fglrx: Out of memory when allocating device heads

thx, Marvin and Matthew.

Actually i'm not motivated to file a bug since there already are lots of 'Cannot allocate memory' bugs filed. I also don't think this would be a debian package bug, it should go anywhere else - it is not the Debian maintainers fault that fglrx is not updated against new kernels and Xorg ABIs.

Since fglrx is the prop ATI driver, the bug probably need to go to ATI and i lack the arguments as to why they should do anything about it - besides that their decision leaves a bad image and that people who experienced the consequences would dissuade from buying an ATI board for Linux, generally, now. And this is especially sad since AMD is the only competitor of Intel, and i always felt it is a good thing to support them just for some balance.

I think all hope rests on the free driver now, i hope they will be able to implement some DRI in the future. But maybe they would not work on the now-older X cards either.

Well, any short-time solution would probably only get a chance if ATI would release their Catalyst driver completely to the community. But how can we convince them to do that, after so many years. Maybe AMD has an ear.

btw. I was told that i can't exchange the Grafik chip on that Thinkpad (T60p) is that true ? Does anybody know how could i have it done in Germany (w/o shipping it to Taiwan or so) ?
I think this would be another, shorthand solution...

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