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Re: Debian-based system not booting on Dell Inspiron laptop

On Sun, Feb 08, 2009 at 09:55:59AM EST, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:

> On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 13:25 +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> > I have a two-week old Kubuntu 8.04 installation that is now failing
> > to boot. 

Why 8.04 two weeks ago? Shouldn't you have installed 8.10 .. if I
understand the *ubuntu distros' "philosophy", that is.

> > When I start the computer, I get the Kubuntu graphic, then it drops
> > to tty1 and I get a text login. When I log in with my username and
> > password I get a message that the system is read only.
> > Other than / no partitions are mounted. As /home is it's own
> > partition I cannot access my files there.

IIRC, in a "normal" boot process, / is initially mounted read-only then
remounted rw.

Follows the mounting of other partitions defined in /etc/fstab .. which
should include /home.

So it looks like the boot process initially runs OK and some important
stuff down the line is skipped. 

Should be easy to check that with the log files.

Don't take my word for it. Google for a document that describes the
linux boot process.

> What do you mean? what's the actual output of "mount"?

Yes, is the "/" partition mounted "rw"? 

> > I then logged in as root (I do have a root password) and tried
> > running init 5 however that did nothing.

I'm surprised you would be able to log in with a "read only system" but
then I have never tried it.

init 5 runs the scripts in /etc/rc5.d in the order specified, am I
correct? Wouldn't affect anything that's normally run before init

> > What must I do to diagnose this? Thanks.

You could compare your boot log with that of debian linux system that
comes up right and look for clues.

> Check the error message in the log files

> > Note that this message was originally posted to Ubuntu-user,
> > however, that list is good for MS bashing and not for solving
> > technical problems, especially with a laptop! Please excuse my cross
> > post.

> Ubuntu-user is the right place to ask your question. Follow-up there
> please.

In principle, yes. 

But then, I posted to an ubuntu forum a month ago for advice regarding
the customizing of gdm's logon screen fonts and I certainly understand
the OP's frustration. 

A bit like Microsoft's offering, ubuntu's is meant to work out of the
box. If it does not, you're on your own.

Which is one additinal reason why, for "serious" computing, I stick with

> BTW, review your email signature as one may be considered it as spam.

I have taken a dislike to signatures in general lately so I can't agree
100%. I find his refreshing, especially if you look at the two url's
above the actual sig.


> Regards,
> Franklin

No offence meant.. But I've seen a lot worse than Mr. Cohen's post on
debian lists lately. 

Dotan, what does this have to do with laptops? 


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