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Debian-based system not booting on Dell Inspiron laptop

I have a two-week old Kubuntu 8.04 installation that is now failing to
boot. When I start the computer, I get the Kubuntu graphic, then it
drops to tty1 and I get a text login. When I log in with my username
and password I get a message that the system is read only. Other than
/ no partitions are mounted. As /home is it's own partition I cannot
access my files there. I then logged in as root (I do have a root
password) and tried running init 5 however that did nothing.

What must I do to diagnose this? Thanks.

Note that this message was originally posted to Ubuntu-user, however,
that list is good for MS bashing and not for solving technical
problems, especially with a laptop! Please excuse my cross post.

Dotan Cohen



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