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Re: 5.25 inch USB drive?

James Tappin wrote:
As I recall, 5.25 and 3.5 inch drives use the same cable, so if you have
a machine with a 3.5 inch drive that you don't mind taking apart, you
could take the 5.25 out of the defunct machine and put it in a newer
machine, and you're set.
Most of the 5.25" drives I've seen have an *edge* connector, not a *pin* connector like the 3.5" do. There are two ways to solve this:

1) You can get a hold of a edge-to-pin adaptor (like this one [ http://www.jdr.com/interact/item.asp?itemno=DRIVE-EDGE ] but opposite... mating an edge-type floppy to a pin-type cable). Unfortunately, I've never seen the other kind, so they might not exist. Too bad, because you could probably convert a 2.5" USB floppy to interact with a 5.25" one with it.

2) You can get one of them old-fangled floppy connectors that has *both* the pin and edge connectors for both the A and B drives (so, a total of 5 connectors on it)

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