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Re: 5.25 inch USB drive?

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 02:50:23PM -0700, Isaac MacFarlane wrote:
>    Does anyone know if this even exists? I have some old floppies that I
>    would like to get data from, but the only system that I have that has
>    one has a dead power supply and I'm not sure if it would really be

take out that 5.25 drive from the dead AT and put it in into some more 
recent (working) desktop - floppy interface should still be avail on most
MB. I've seen 3.5 floppy drive on USB, but no 5.25; unfortunatly these 
usually have a special connector, so swapping in the 5.25 likely won't 
work. A spare old AT I gues can be found for US$ ~10 or so at repair shops,
not sure if the USB FDD would cost less.


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