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Re: 5.25 inch USB drive?

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008 14:50:23 -0700
"Isaac MacFarlane" <spideyfan1972@gmail.com> wrote:

IM> Does anyone know if this even exists? I have some old floppies that
IM> I would like to get data from, but the only system that I have that
IM> has one has a dead power supply and I'm not sure if it would really
IM> be worth tracking down an old AT power supply for something that
IM> wouldn't likely be put back into service. I would think the USB
IM> drive should be less expensive anyway and I don't have to worry
IM> about how do I transfer the data once I do read it. I haven't looked
IM> at the system in years, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't even have a
IM> nic in it.

As I recall, 5.25 and 3.5 inch drives use the same cable, so if you have
a machine with a 3.5 inch drive that you don't mind taking apart, you
could take the 5.25 out of the defunct machine and put it in a newer
machine, and you're set.

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