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Re: problems with deXlan (Intersil) wifi pcmcia card : the end

On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 05:46:09PM +0100, Bernard wrote:

> my prism2 card, it shows with 'dmesg':
> wifi0 STA id 0x1f v1.4.9

maybe check vendor's site for upgrades

> So, that's it ! Right after that, I have changed the settings in my DSL 
> box so as to have WEP encryption mode, I removed WPA supplicant from my 

not needed at all - instead, better keep it installed; wpa_supplicant
can be used to manage all kind of modes (except AP), from no enc at all to 

> Connexion to the Internet is almost instant, speed is the same as with a 

glad you succeeded eventually :)

> I will start another thread with this, but in a few words :

yep, pls start new thread, likely other TP user will be of help.

> Do you think that I could post here a copy of my last /var/log/messages 
> (about 300 lines), or maybe I should give an url where to find it... 

IMHO if possible it's better to _attach_ the _relevant_ excerpt - not 
inlined since mail formatting breaks lines and thus readability, so that
all infos is archived in the ML, whereas URLs tend to disappear over time.
But for big stuff URL is better, if not the only option.
300 lines by ~100 char means ~30kB, which should be fair with most MLs - ie
sf.net's limit is 40kB.

> localhost kernel pcmcia: detected deprecated PCMCIA ioctl usage for 
> process: discover
> localhost kernel pcmcia : this interface will soon be removed from the 
> kernel. Please expect breakage unless you upgrade to new tools

likely old stuff from previous installation - you'd better check and clean
up, ie remove all 'sarge' pkgs.

> remember what it exactly was... something like this : "XXX (sleep fans 
> etc) enabled, XXX (sleep fans etc) disabled : BIOS too old"... but I see 
> no such messages with Etch, it simply does not work, same as with Sarge.

that's from the kernel, there was a limit release date for ACPI to be 
deemed reliable, iirc that option has been removed - you need to play with
kernel boot params acpi*, apm* and find what works - hopely some other TP
user has infos for you.


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