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Re: blackberry support (was Setting up HP Pavilion DV 6458)


El lun, 21-04-2008 a las 15:02 -0400, Carl Fink escribió:

> Two, I use my RIM BlackBerry Curve as a tethered modem.  I hear
> there's
> support for this in Linux these days.  This one, I confess, I haven't
> even
> researched, but if anyone just happens to have a pointer to a HOWTO it
> would
> be appreciated. 

As far as I know, part of the modem functionality is provided by
Desktop Manager (a Windows-only desktop application), so unless somebody
manages to port it to Linux we won't be able to use a Blackberry as a
tethered modem. 

Maybe you heard about Barry, a project that provides support for
Blackberry in Linux, but it's initial goal was to provide
backup/restore/syncing functionality. I don't know about the status of
the modem support:


XmBlackberry seems to be focused on the modem support and maybe it's
what you are looking for:


There are people reporting success using *both* projects simultaneously:



Rafael Varela Pet
Area de Tecnoloxías da Información e Comunicacións

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
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