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Setting up HP Pavilion DV 6458

I'm attempting to get Debian Testing up and running on my Pavilion DV6100
(DV6458).  The installation was pretty easy, but there are two things that
aren't working.

One, I can't get the kernel to recognize my Broadcom BCM4328 WiFi chipset,
even though it's theoretically supported.  Nor can I get ndiswrapper to work
with the Windows driver.

Two, I use my RIM BlackBerry Curve as a tethered modem.  I hear there's
support for this in Linux these days.  This one, I confess, I haven't even
researched, but if anyone just happens to have a pointer to a HOWTO it would
be appreciated.

Thank you.
Carl Fink                           nitpicking@nitpicking.com 

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