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Santa Rosa Laptops

Hello list,

I just bought a new laptop to replace my aging iBook G4. I bought it from 
a swiss company that ships laptops configured personally, and more 
importantly, the laptop comes without Windows.

It will sport the new Santa Rosa chipset, with Intel graphics and Intel 
wifi 4965 abgn.

I have been trying to gather information about linux support of the 
platform, and while Intel released rich information (video driver in Xorg 
and iwlwifi driver, albeit slightly experimental), I can't seem to find 
any definitive word about basic support (i.e. SATA controller).

The few howtos about thinkpads seem conflicting with each other, so I'd 
like to know if someone has a success story to share.

Additionally: is there a d-i that ships with a kernel > 2.6.18? Lenny's 
installers look a bit confusing, as they ship 2.6.21 modules with a 
2.6.18 kernel... I'll go for pure AMD64, in case it matters.

Thanks for any help!

Best Regards, Jack
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