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Re: Santa Rosa Laptops

>>>>> "Jack" == Jack Malmostoso <jackmalmostoso@freesurf.ch> writes:

    Jack> laptop comes without Windows.
... this is an important step. ;)
    Jack> The few howtos about thinkpads seem conflicting with each
    Jack> other, so I'd like to know if someone has a success story to
    Jack> share.
... I wouldn't say they are conflicting, or few, heres where I look
for thinkpad info, or any linux on laptop information.  I happened
upon this link years ago and it has saved me weeks of time:
if you forget the url, just remember to google for "linux on laptop",
and it is almost always the first link.  Then, you get to the thinkpad
specific area and find there are long lists.  There is also a lenovo
list now, and  I see there is a guy with a t60 which has the intel
graphics and a sata hdd, and his howto documents the debian install
using etch.  A lot of these folks are not exactly gurus, so they dont
always have every piece of hardware configured and/or every cool thing
actually working say apmd and hibernation ... but this does not
matter, the almost always have enough info on the specific hardware to
get you going.  

I have not tried your specific (unknown) laptop install via debian ,
but  I would recommend trying the new stable, as a netinst.iso is only
a couple hundred megs or so and there was a major update to debian
back in april.


GNU -- It's Freedom baby, yeah!

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