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Re: Installation on a Toshiba A200 1BP Laptop ...

Beware, I think this may invalidate their warranty. There were some problems with this some years ago with either Toshiba and/or HP.

On my part, I think some beta linux sw MAY have destroyed my screen on my first thinkpad (earliest thinpad model?) about 10 years ago which had a triple boot of Win,OS/2,Linux (never a problem with similar one still running - 365/365x).

There was a definite problem with some firmware/software on a thinkpad some 8 years ago which killed many boards which IBM replaced free (as soon as problem was discovered linux immediately changed code to bypass some commands to thinkpads).

I do not want to scare you, I've been using Linux for years on eight different models of IBM-thinkpads and three IBM desktop models and use Linux 99.99% of time.

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