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Re: Probleme de dsdt

on Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 09:19:42AM +0100 Alexandre Neubert wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Cool, it does work quite perfectly now except for the wifi (ipw3945) where
> the build of the module fails with module assistant (maybe I will have to
> make-kpkg module or compile the sources manually).

There was a shift in certain flags in the Linux kernel starting at ver
2.6.19 that can give problems for people trying to compile external
modules against it.  The ipw3945 kernel module in the experimental
repository will compile fine against the (works very well, too)

> I still wonder about what I was asking yesterday about the installation of
> the i386 instead of a 64 bit iso. It's just curiosity, and my knowledge
> about processor architecture is quite old, but I thought that since core 2
> duo have 64 bit registeries, the bus they use has to be 64 bit too, not 32.
> Are these processors special ones or why did you talk about a 32 bit Intel
> bus yesterday?

Mainly, it's a method to maintain backwards compatibility with various
peripheral manufacturers - can't expect everybody to retool at the drop
of a hat, so to speak. You'll notice on your machine that various parts
of it DO have 64 bit width memory addressing available, and this can be
utilized with the kernel option I pointed out yesterday. Bus bandwidth
remains at 32 bit for the moment.  This is IMHO the genius of the dual
core processors.  We have a radical perfomance enhancement without
having to open up the entire bus, which is much more expensive,
physically.  Run lspci and you'll see what I mean.

How about graphics and sound?  OK?



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