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Re: Probleme de dsdt

on Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 11:32:40PM +0100 Alexandre Neubert wrote:
> Bonsoir,

Good evening!

> (/lib/modules/2.6.18-4-amd64/

Yes, you have the kernel module. The error comes from the kernel module
not being able to see the device you are trying to control. Also, you're
running the wrong kernel.  It should be an SMP for 686 or better yet a
pristine 2.6.20 kernel compiled with the core 2 duo processor selected.

> dsdt.dsl  4239:                             Name (_T_0, Zero)
> Error    4081 -                 Use of reserved word ^  (_T_0)
> dsdt.dsl  4316:                             Name (_T_1, Zero)
> Error    4081 -                 Use of reserved word ^  (_T_1)

The errors can be removed by simply renaming ALL instances of "_T_0" to
"T_0" and ALL instances of "_T_1" to "T_1" - this will allow you to
complete the compilation - this is a comon error where the original DSDT
was written for the Microsoft compiler.

The warnings concerning "possible operator timeout is ignored" are more
difficult to troubleshoot until you look at the entire stanza beginning
at the line number where the warning occured. - You'll need to post more
from the dsdt.dsl so that we can look at that.

> Asus G1 (Proc: Core2 duo 7200 à 2GHz, 2Go RAM)
> Version bios: g1as-208 (c'est la derniere en date sur le site de asus)
> Version kernel: 2.6.18-4 fourni avec debian etch rc2
> Merci d'avance

You're most welcome - is there a Debian list en Francaise?



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