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Re: KDE not responding to mouse clicks after a resume-from-ram

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 03:07 -0700, Joe Emenaker wrote:
> >> ...after about 3 or 4 sleep/resume cycles, the kbluetoothd stops 
> >> recognizing any bluetooth adaptor ...
> >>     
> >
> > Try stopping kbluetoothd, unloading and reloading your kernel bluetooth
> > modules, and starting kbluetoothd. This may or may not work; I know of
> > some hardware that this is necessary for. i.e. the ipw2200 wireless
> > chipset. :P
> >   
> Uhhh.. that would be me (the ipw2200, that is). :)

Me as well. I finally set it up so that when eth0 is brought down it
unloads the module, and when it is brought up again it re-loads the
module. That way I only have to tell hibernate to take down and bring up

> I think I tried this a couple of times before. As I recall, it made the 
> problem even worse (although going from "not working" to "still not 
> working" isn't necessarily worse, I mean "worse" in that, upon reloading 
> the bluetooth drivers, the no longer saw any BT hardware... either that 
> or kbluetoothd saw even less of the kernel BT services). I'll try it 
> next time it flips out and make a note of exactly what happens.

When you unload the modules, do you also then re-load them? That may not
necessarily be done automatically. 

> > If stopping/reloading/starting as above works, you will probably need to
> > add stopping kbluetoothd and unloading the modules on hibernate, and
> > loading the modules and starting kbluetoothd.
> >   
> When this first happened, I tried adding
>   OnSuspend 20 /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop
>   OnResume 20 /etc/init.d/bluetooth start

You may also need to "black list" the kernel module *before* suspend.
See /etc/hibernate/blacklisted-modules to make sure that this is

> to /etc/hibernate/common.conf and that really pissed off kbluetoothd. I 
> guess I could also kill kbluetoothd upon hibernate, but I was just 
> hoping that there was an easier way to fix all of this before I went 
> down that road. I'm pretty sure that I came across something in 
> hibernate's conf that basically says "upon resume, start this... but 
> only if you killed it before a sleep". I'll have to track that command 
> down again.

OnResume auto


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