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Re: KDE not responding to mouse clicks after a resume-from-ram

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 23:54 -0700, Joe Emenaker wrote:
> I'm using the hibernate script triggered from a lid-closed action to 
> suspend my Inspiron 8600 to ram. This works fairly well, except...

Are you using hibernate from the hibernate package? If so, then there
are some things that you can do to help the below.

> ...after about 3 or 4 sleep/resume cycles, the kbluetoothd stops 
> recognizing any bluetooth adaptor ...

Try stopping kbluetoothd, unloading and reloading your kernel bluetooth
modules, and starting kbluetoothd. This may or may not work; I know of
some hardware that this is necessary for. i.e. the ipw2200 wireless
chipset. :P

If stopping/reloading/starting as above works, you will probably need to
add stopping kbluetoothd and unloading the modules on hibernate, and
loading the modules and starting kbluetoothd.

> ... and 
> after about 15 or so sleep/resume cycles, KDE stops responding to 
> mouse-clicks. I can move the mouse cursor all over the screen... and I 
> can switch to a text console and back to KDE, etc... but clicking 
> doesn't do anything. I can't close windows, I can't move them, I can't 
> launch anything with kicker, etc.

Try hibernating again. I've found that on the rare times when my mouse
stops responding that suspending and resuming again helps.

Also, have you looked at the X events that are being generated?

To look at the x events, try:
xev | grep -A3 Button

You should see click events when you click inside the xev window. I've
seen with some applications where clicks get "inverted."

> I haven't been able to find any factors (ie, length of time it has been 
> sleeping, battery level at sleep or resume, location of laptop at sleep 
> or resume, etc.) that seem to correlate with KDE becoming unresponsive.

None of the factors that you've listed will have any effect on suspend
or resume -- that's kinda the point.


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