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Re: all battery monitoring functions broken

Alexandre Rossi wrote:
> Happened to me too a few days ago when dist-upgrading a Thinkpad x60
> running a sid system.  The AC adapter monitoring died too.  Seems the
> "battery" and "ac" modules stopped being autoloaded, so I had to add
> them myself to /etc/modules.
> I still haven't figured out what's responsible for it, and looking
> through the dpkg log for recently upgraded packages doesn't show any
> immediately obvious suspects.

IIRC there was an update to acpi[d]. The modules you mentioned were
loaded by acpid. The configuration file is /etc/default/acpid but
because acpid does not think about to load the modules, I've putted them
in /etc/modules too.

See http://bugs.debian.org/413729



Thanks for the replies, guys.

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