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Thus spake Florian Reitmeir (florian@reitmeir.org):

> On Sam, 03 M??r 2007, Freddy Freeloader wrote:
> > Out of curiousity, just what wireless routers are you thinking of?  The 
> > only wireless routers I've seen that will accept vpn connections, and 
> > are not pretty severely limited in their vpn capability are in the $250 
> > - $300 price range.  That's a pretty steep price range for most home 
> > users, or at least it is for me anyway.
> The Linksys WRT54G, it just runs a normal Linux on it (OpenWRT or FreeWRT),
> or some other Models 

Actually you want the WRT54GL (for linux). A while back Linksys
'dumbed down' the WRT54, halving the RAM (and ROM?) and replacing
linux with vxWorks.

I bought one and it failed within the first hour. Took it back and
replaced it with a 54GL (cost another $10) and it has been working
perfectly ever since (almost a year now).

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