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Re: wireless on Debian

I am using WEP encryption, but can set up WPA etc etc.  I did notice 
that when I was configuring the interface to connect to the WEP 
encrypted AP that it wasn't finding any of the WEP access point in the 
area.  I might have to change my AP to use WPA as I am seeing that most 
people are getting bcm43xx working with WPA and not WEP.  I could be 
wrong though.

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 01:23:14AM +0100, pinniped wrote:
> I know there's a section on how to set up wireless stuff in the Debian docs 
> but I can't find it at the moment.
> Anyway, if you use PSK-TKIP, look here for an example:
> http://wiki.debian.org/Manual-Howto#head-6fdd87d329e68a583e5fde32c6b21e460e5541a5
> If you use WPA-PSK (default on WinDos and therefore on most AP applicances) 
> then you also need the 'wpa supplicant' software -  with somne hardware, 
> everything needs to be done through that, but with other hardware things 
> are managed magically through the 'interfaces' file but you still need to 
> install the supplicant to generate a key using the wpa_passphrase tool. 
> for example, my entry in 'interfaces' looks something like this:
> auto eth2  (yes, the driver calls it eth2 rather than wlan0)
> allow-hotplug eth2
> iface eth2 inet dhcp
> wpa-conf managed
> wpa-ssid goaway
> wpa-key-mgmt  WPA-PSK
> wpa-psk  blahbalhablhablahblahablhablah (the key)
> To generate the key:
> wpa_passphrase SSID PASSPHRASE  -- so:
> wpa_passphrase goaway thisISthePASSphrase
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