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Re: Anybody using a Dell Inspiron 8500/8600 with the ATI card?

Florian Reitmeir wrote:

UseDummyXServer yes

the UseDummyXServer should provide you with an working video card/display
after boot.
Sweet Mother of God!!!!!!!! It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in *TWO* *YEARS*, I've finally got suspend-to-ram working! Every other aspect of my laptop I had successfully tweaked long ago: the 1920x1200 screen, the sub-pixel dithering, the media buttons, suspend-to-disk... but suspend-to-ram had always eluded me, and every HOWTO I found for Linux on the I8600 said that they had hit a dead-end, too.

From a lot of googling, I ended up putting "VbetoolPost yes" and "UseDummyXServer no" in /etc/hibernate/ram.conf and was able to use "hibernate --config-file=/etc/hibernate/ram.conf" and it "just worked". I don't know which of those options made it work.. and I'm not sure that I care. :P

I installed acpi-support and, after seeing all of the cruft that it dumped into /etc/acpi, I purged it. Same goes for laptop-mode-tools. One thing that I noticed about acpi-support is that it checks to see if you're running *any* other known power-management tool (klaptopdaemon, gnome-power-manager, kpowersave, etc..) and, if they're running, it exits without taking any action. That wasn't what I want. First, because closing the lid with acpi-support installed didn't *do* anything.... and, second, because I think I've tried klaptopdaemon and kpowersave and I don't recall them doing anything that I could detect.

Seems like we've got a bunch of different cooks trying to solve the same problems with klaptopdaemon, kpowersave, etc. Does anybody know if there's any movement toward having one set of configuration files (mapping external events: ac-unplug, lid-closing, battery-low, etc. to system actions like hibernate, suspend, etc.) that all of the various daemons and window-managers would obey?

And... thanks *again* for convincing me to actually giving hibernate a shot with those params. Suspend-to-RAM works! I can't believe it!

- Joe

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