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yaird, kernel 2.6.17 and dm-crypted disks

I'm trying to upgrade my laptop from stable to testing including new kernel. 
My problem is, all partitions are encrypted except /boot and for security 
reasons I have encryption keys stored on encrypted USB flash disk.

I used kernel 2.6.13 and mkinitrd with my script, which detects plugged USB 
flashdisk, set up and mount dm-crypted partition on it (asking for a 
password) and using information and scripts stored there to set up dm-crypted 
partitions on harddisk.

Problem is, I can't find a way how to configure yaird to ignore encrypted 
disks and let my script set it up. And i didn't find a way to configure it 
properly via /etc/crypttab. 
I was also considering initramfs-tools, but they depend on udev, which refuses 
to install due old kernel (i have 2.6.13, they want 2.6.15) and to install 
new kernel i need working initrd :o/

Any suggestion will be welcome.


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