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Re: Movie disappear from VGA out (ati driver)

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On 03/03/2006 05:40 AM, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 02.03.2006, 00:57 -0300 schrieb Felipe Augusto van de
> Wiel (faw):
>>	If I plug a projector in the VGA output the screen is
>>perfect, I have image in my LCD and in the project, when I open
>>a video, totem shows up but in the projector just totem appears
>>in black, no movie/video. I tried with other players (mplayer,
>>xine) but no success.
> This is not a Totem or Xine bug, it's a feature of your X driver.  I
> have seen this on various chipsets, and frankly I am a little puzzled
> why all driver writers implement such a useless behaviour.  In the Intel
> and Radeon drivers, it is an option in xorg.conf which must be turned
> off explicitly.  You might have some luck checking the documentation on
> fglrx (man fglrx ?) for the closed-source ATI driver.  Maybe it has a
> similar option.

	Hmmm, could you tell me which is the option in Intel and Radeon
drivers? Or which is the option in xorg.conf that I should look for? :)
I mean, I would like to search about it and lookig for something close
or related, but it is going to be easy if I know which is the option
that you are refering. :-)

	BTW, when I was not using ATI proprietary driver, only "ati"
or "radeon" in my xorg.conf (instead of "fglrx") the video renders
without any extra options, of course, I'm missing something, but I'll
be happy if you could help to point this option out.

	Thanks in advance, kind regards,

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