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Compaq Presario 1255 sound and touchpad under Debian?

Can anybody help me get sound and the touchpad work under Debian on a Compaq
Presario 1255?

Firefox seems to handle flash better than Modzilla does - can I apt-get
remove "Modzilla Web Browser" and "Modzilla Composer" now?

I installed all the alsa stuff I could find to no avail. Part of the problem
is I am not sure what the sound hardware is. The Compaq site,
en&cc=us&docname=c00255595, lists "JBL Pro Audio System" and "Aureal A3D
Interactive 360 degree Positional Sound."

The few Linux howtos I found for this model are gone:
Compaq Presario 1255: http://redir-error.gandi.net/ "Le site web demandé
n'existe pas."
Some for close model numbers exist...
Presario 1247: http://www.geocities.com/linux_vox/1247.html "The integrated
touchpad works w/o a hitch,..."
Presario 1247: http://www.io.com/~egabriel/presario1247.html "I am now using
Debian GNU/Linux, testing/unstable, with kernel 2.4.2. Not much has changed,
except I am now using ALSA for the sound. Just a matter of preference; the
2.4.2 via82xxx module works fine, as does the equivalent alsa module." "I
have read a lot about patches for other presarios for the touchpad; mine
works fine, so I have tried nothing; I just pretend it is a ps/2 mouse, all
works fine. That is to say, use /dev/psaux as your mouse device." "This is a
VIA82cxxx integrated sound device. You can change the settings for it in the
BIOS, but I'd just leave it. In the kernel you need to install the modu le
for VIA 82C686 Audio Codec. In your rc.local you can just modprobe via82cxxx
an d ac97codec."

I know the answers are probably right at my fingertips, but I'm sort of a
newbie with some of this,
- Zake

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