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Re: Order of loading wired/wireless driver modules in unstable

Joe Emenaker wrote:

> Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
>>[Please CC to me, I'm not on list]
> Please don't do this.
> *I* feel bad when I join a list for the sole purpose of asking a
> question, knowing that I'm going to unsubscribe as soon as I get my
> answer. But you won't even bother to join and sample the list traffic
> for a few days? I consider that very disrespectful... as though you
> consider us to be your personal tech support staff.
> Nevertheless, I'll answer your question *and* CC you.

I'm with you on this.  You have to catch me on a _very_ good day to get a CC
on a request like this.  Usually, I'll just answer on-list and let the OP
takes his chances.

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